Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today's the second day of March, but nobody's sent the memo up to the weather Gods. The forecast is 'wintry mix.' Whatever that means. According to James (poker pal and fellow future journalist): "It sounds like a cocktail." Which it does.

Speaking of drinks, I ignored the lure of Starbucks and, instead, had bubble tea today for the first time in a long, long while. I remember when it was really big a few years ago. I think my first one was in Beijing with Jo and then I scouted out all the Taiwanese food stalls in Hong Kong. Food fads are funny, how they come and go. Weren't Pop Tarts popular sometime in the... early '90s? Anyway, I was handed a cup of sea green, opaque liquid, which alone should have set off some warning bells. But I was distracted by the "bubbles" at the bottom and warmed by happy memories of sunny days at outdoor Taiwanese cafes. Yeah. Never again. Let's just say I'm now acutely aware why some things are just fading fads. My taste buds will recover at some point and when they do, I'm sticking with my tall-non-fat-sugar-free-vanilla-soy-lattes, thank you very much!


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