Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring break ain't what it used to be

Bliss. Spring break has officially started for me. And I'm looking forward to an evening of nothing but trashy TV and chocolate!

Of course, spring break doesn't mean the same thing in graduate school as it did when I was an undergrad. Back then, I could actually take off for a week and fly to Reykjavik to soak in hot springs, to see my friend nearly tumble into a dormant volcano, to party til 4 in the morning, to admire chiseled Icelandic men (though, the women were hotter).

Now, spring break means time to do in-depth research for stories that are due the second classes resume. The professors seem to think we got partying out of our systems back when we were irresponsible little undergrads. Hah!

But still...even if it's only a technicality, spring break does mean 9 hours of sleep and yes, time for some fun, even if it's in NYC. I can hardly complain too much, this is a great city to be stuck in.


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Nanz said...

I cannot believe I didn't see this post until now! Tumble into a dormant volcano eh...? Wonder who that could be? That Lynn never was too balanced. (lynn put the cleaver down...i'm joking)

Also, I'm sure motu appreciates the shout out. I can just picture his denim encased body jiggling for joy. If he wasn't so busy breaking hearts in Reykjavik I'm sure he'd be breaking planes in frenzied flight to your doorstep.


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