Sunday, October 29, 2006

Of paper walls and second bathrooms

There are two things about the way people live here in America that I have never understood. a) having only one bathroom per home and b) having paper thin walls between apartments. It shows a complete disregard for privacy -- which is odd, given that this is a privacy-obsessed country.

Right now, the thin walls are pissing me off. My neighbors, a pair of high-pitched, nasal, barely post-collegiate chiquitas (how they afford what they refer to as "the penthouse" -- told ya I can hear everything -- is beyond me. Not that it is a penthouse in actuality -- it's just an apartment on the top floor. It's not a penthouse unless there's a private elevator, in my opinion!) are having a cheesy and loud gathering. Cheesy because they're playing a lot of (now defunct) boy bands and Madonna, and singing -- badly -- along. And I can hear it all clearly. It's nothing short of an aural assault. No wonder their dog is a little neurotic.

Now am debating at what point I can go over and tell them to shut the f...ummm, you know, turn it down a notch. I really don't want to be that neighbor. But it's like being in a dorm again, an experience I have no desire whatsoever to relive. Yes, it was fun when I was 18. But I'm over it now and quite enjoy living like a (somewhat) civilized adult.

If only they had remotely acceptable taste in music -- or could actually carry a tune -- I might be able to stand it. Or join in. But they don't and they can't. And the party sounds lame.

Damn these paper walls! Sigh, at least I have that second bathroom (the small comforts of adulthood scare me sometimes!)


At 1:44 AM, Blogger sinusoidally said...

At least you are not me. Sometime after 11:30 in the night when I am prepping myself for work next day by reading on atrial fibrillation or diabetic ketoacidosis I hear the people upstairs doing you know what 'every single day'...I am not sure what gets me more mad...that the noise bothers my reading or that they get to do it so often!

So what did you end up doing?

At 8:03 PM, Blogger rhea said...

ok, that would definitely piss me off, too -- and more for the frequency than the disturbance! i'm glad that's one thing i don't hear through the walls.

the end of my story is anticlimactic -- i was finally going to go over and be that neighbor when they turned the music off and thumped down the hallway and out.
but i won't wait as long the next time..


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