Monday, October 15, 2007

Wanted: Dead or Alive

You know what freaks me out whenever I pause to think about it? The idea that there are monsters out and about in the world who routinely abuse living creatures.. like the unknown a**hole from this story:

The city of Paterson and animal welfare activists are searching for the culprit who burned a 3-month-old puppy that was found wandering in city traffic earlier today.

The poor little thing is in critical condition and *might* make it. I saw it on TV, with its big brown eyes and long Hush Puppy ears and it made me cry.

I realize in the grand scheme of things -- i.e. the number of people dying in Iraq or having their human rights violated in Sudan -- one burnt puppy might seem like an odd thing to be so mad about (and I'm seething). But, quite apart from my insane love of dogs, I'm horrified by the implications of the situation. I mean, what kind of human being scalds a 3-month-old puppy to within an inch of its life? And do we want that kind of psycho out on the streets among us? This is a person who abuses the most innocent, the most helpless. This is a predator.

What breaks my heart is that, unlike with humans, there's no way to explain to the little canine why he's in so much pain or why someone would treat him like that. Ugh, human beings can be such bastards.


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