Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun reading about.. hair

This is how an article in the Washington Post begins:

Spring, and a young man's thoughts turn to . . . chest hair.

Also, that of the back, the belly, the shoulder and maybe regions farther south. It turns out that there is a hair-removal waxing procedure called the "Boy-zilian," the male equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax, for which you would have to put your ankle behind your head in order to do it yourself, and we never want to think about that again.

Back north.

Your chest, back, shoulders. Summer beckons. The pool, the beach. Skin revealed. Worries: Slack gut, man-boobs, back fur, being regarded as a metrosexual. You don't want to be prissy (unless you're into that), and yet you don't want to be so hirsute that some guy comes up to you at the pool, going: "Burt? Burt Reynolds?"

You know you're gonna enjoy (and giggle furiously) over an article that begins like that. Interesting insight into the male body obsession. I take vengeful pleasure in knowing we -- women -- aren't the only ones.

The piece also offers helpful hints for potential Christmas gifts :) --

Last summer, a guy named Brett Marut in Santa Monica, Calif., came out with a thing called Mangroomer. It's essentially a shaver on a stick, designed to enable you to reach around and shave your back. He priced it at $39.95, looking to appeal to guys in Flyover, America, who were too self-conscious to go to a salon to get it done, or even let their friends know they were trying it out. He didn't have much money, so he just put a couple of ads on Internet search engines. It was an instant hit, blossomed at online retailers and, 10 months later, Mangroomer is in every Bed Bath & Beyond in the country.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

Mangroomer is such a cheesy name!

At 2:22 AM, Blogger V!Aiyer said...

Yeh Kya hai? ~~puzzled~~


At 8:59 AM, Blogger rhea said...

starfish: true, but then again, what else could you call it??
this article totally brought on flashbacks of that one SASA event i participated in, where i had to run a rose across fancy's (waxed) chest..

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Nan said...

you know you enjoyed it!! wasn't the tariq fancy fan club still in its heyday at this point???

At 11:14 PM, Blogger rhea said... may have been.. sigh, how young and foolish we were! :)

At 12:11 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

Hahaha, please use "I", not "we". :) Oh man, I remember those conversations in the suite now. And Nan hounding me about the Yan Can Cook knife that Jen gave me. Miss you guys!


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