Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grindhouse kicks ass

And Quentin Tarantino rocks my world. Again. And again. What I think is exciting about him is you don't know exactly what you're in for when you sit down at the beginning, but the one thing you do know is that it won't be disappointing.

One thing, though -- he could be less narcissistic -- I mean, seriously, does he have to have a cameo in every movie??

I definitely preferred his film over that of Robert Rodriguez -- though Rose McGowan with her machine gun leg was one of the best parts of both features! (It made me want one.) Still, Planet Terror was a little overdone. Death Proof (Tarantino's), on the other hand, was soooo slick. I loved the random conversations that flowed so beautifully between the characters -- the women all did an amazing job. And the last 15 minutes -- omigod. The ending's a little abrubt. But, somehow, it works.

There was a lot of blood and gore and violence and thrills -- expected. But what I didn't expect was to be clutching my side laughing out loud through much of it. Both Rodriguez and Tarantino played with humor really well. And the trailers! Comic genius.

Grindhouse was totally worth the 3 hours and 15 mins. And I realize it surprises a lot of people that I would even watch it -- the general reaction when I suggested it was "really??" But deep down, I've always wanted to kick some ass with an ammo-loaded limb and a pass to cuss as much as I want.


Fuck, yeah!


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Rhea, I'd like to date you. What say?


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