Sunday, March 19, 2006

City girl

I've become much too much of a Manhattan princess. More specifically, I'm an Eastside princess -- put me in Chelsea or the Upper Westside and I'm a little disoriented. So, today I ventured out to the 'burbs, lured by the promise of adventure and good food.

I've lived in NYC for about 1/2 a year now and I'm sorry to admit I've never taken the N or R south of 8th Street. So, it was the strangest sensation to suddenly emerge from the bowels of Manhattan's underground into the sunshine, speeding along, suspended above the river. Even stranger was to look behind me out the windows and watch the Manhattan skyline recede (I'd say, "into the the distance," but that seems a tad melodramatic. It takes all of 3 minutes to cross the water). For some reason, I felt like I was leaving home. Which confirmed the idea that I really need to get out of Manhattan more. I'm getting a wee bit too Sex and the City (remember when Miranda and Steve decide to move to Brooklyn?)

Anyway, turns out, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is charming. They have *gasp* space! No 8x8 sq ft rooms. And they have one of the best places for Greek food that I've ever been to. In fact, I don't think I've had better in Manhattan (shocking!). I was altogether pleasantly surprised. The only hitch, really, is that lunch takes 4 hours because of the commute. Which was fine today cos I had sacrificed Saturday night to work, but on more loaded weekends, would be tough.

Now, just can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I feel like exploring beyond my side of the island more. More Brooklyn, more Westside, more Queens, perhaps...perhaps even Bed-Stuy. Umm..ok, maybe I'm a little too "princess" for that.


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Nanz said...

Ree, remember the "THOSE are junkies!" incident with Nilz? No? Should I send along a picture of the nail-dents you left in my arm? If you venture out to Bed-Stuy prepare for a whole lot more of those go with an understanding friend. Otherwise, I recommend somewhere more like Park Slope...go to Prospect Park on a nice Sat'day or Sunday.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger rhea said...

how could I possibly forget that very surreal london night...i think i almost passed out on you, didn't i? then again, you were busy stalking the little asian guy at the bus stop. "i trust asian people." :)

but thanks for the suggestion ..prospect park it is!

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous nanz said...

Asians are GOOD people...come on! Had you not been on the verge of a panic attack you'd totally have stalked that fella too. He had an honest face! (perhaps not a sculpted face like fat denim man in random reykjavik cafe...aka - motu) but an honest face nonetheless.

p.s.- guess who's droppin by your 'hood in two weeks? got some time to spend with me?

At 12:34 AM, Blogger rhea said...

yay!!! ofcourse i'll have time -- for you, anything, nans, you know it!

and FYI, he was chiseled and not fat! you and lynn are just biased... then again, i did make other faulty men decisions that trip. yikes, remember the flasher at the club (whose life you had to threaten)??

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Mangs said...

ahem. whats going ON here!

At 6:55 PM, Blogger rhea said...

haha. yeah, not as shady as it sounds, mangs!
the "flasher," was a drunk icelandic guy who wouldn't lemme go til the girlies (nans and lynn) came to the rescue. i'm not sure exactly what they said to him, but he ran screaming out of the club soon after :)


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