Monday, April 24, 2006

Published in Pakistan

[This post was all screwy the last time -- let's hope the link works this time around]

Sundays are usually good days anyway. But yesterday was particularly good because I got published in Pakistan for the first time! A class assignment turned into an article that a newspaper wanted to use... which is always nice! So, indulge me while I post the link to the piece here. I'm like a little girl with a 6-scoop icecream...

Here it is.

(Does this make me "internationally published" now??)


At 2:54 PM, Blogger V!Aiyer said...

Rhea-Easily your best work till date!. Somewhat like Al Pacino in Sacarface, Godfather::-)I get a feeling that 'Serendipity' is your favourite word..Am I right?

I wonder why the regulars(Mangs,Rai.Karan etc) on your blog, have not put their views down! May be the article is really detailed for their liking...Apologies I do not intend to speak for others.

I don't know of any award for journalism. But Rhea if you try your hand at Biography at some point in future or any other subject for that matter, I do see a Pulitzer/Booker prize coming your way!..Make no mistake I am talking a 20-25 year timeline.

I am confident your best yet to come!


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