Saturday, April 08, 2006

What kind of wife are you?

How come plans inevitably revolve around food?

Thurs: Ethiopian (and tequila and comedy)

Fri: Dhansak and kababs (and wine and girls)

Sat: Pizza and peanut butter (and poker -- made it all back and then some again!)

Sun: French toast (and mom-time)

Is the need to feed one of those things we just inherit from our moms? At the end of Friday night, I got told that I'm all ready to be a "good corporate wife" -- throwing dinner parties, entertaining... Have to say it gives me great pause to be considered wife-like at all. Though, I am getting pretty good at the domestic goddess stuff. Then again, people have been telling me what sort of wife I'm going to be right from when I was 19 (note: being told you'll make a good "trophy wife" is not a compliment!) and I'm nowhere near being one yet, so I guess it's not really an indication of anything.

Besides, my good corporate wife image holds up only as long as mum will still make the kababs!


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