Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hung over

Mixing drinks is so bad. I know that's Drinking 101 and yet, so many years later, I'll still do it occassionally. I'm only ever hung over when I've switched around between kinds of alcohol. Sometimes you're trying to numb thoughts as quickly as possible, tho, and you do it even when you know you'll regret it the next day.

Anyway.. it was fun last night. We went to the East Side Company Bar. Hidden between shuttered pizza parlors and stores. No name on the door. We almost walked right past but then found it. Gotta love going to places that are word of mouth rather than advertised. Interesting interior design -- it looked like a bunker. I mean, I'd hunker down there if there was a threat to New York. Of course, if you threw in the bartenders and the yummy drinks, who wouldn't want to be stranded there?

Wished I could just stay in and nurse my aching head today, but it was not to be. Had to go befriend the pedicab guys on Broadway. I think they're amused by me. Fingers crossed it stays dry the next few days so I can continue to hang with them.


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