Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Que sera sera

What does it do to a person to be rendered completely helpless? And what if that person has always been a control freak, someone who needed to be running the show (and, often, running everyone else's lives as well)?

I think it can go two ways... the person could sigh, realize not everything in life is within our control and relinquish themselves to "que sera sera." Somehow I think that's the better way to handle a loss of control over life. Then there's the other reaction. The denial, the anger at the world at large, the refusal to change with circumstances. It's incredibly destructive -- for everyone.

It can't be easy to be relatively young (as in, not a grandparent as yet) and unable to function normally. But you've got to wonder at the purpose being served by pushing people away at a time like this. Sometimes I think age has nothing to do with wisdom.


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you ok?
back yet?
i just got back from vacation.. so call me when you come. you dont sound the best...
just catching up with your blog; have mailed you a translation of a blog entry (though you could read the original, its in french :))on zidane.. think you might enjoy the counter view.
much love
take care


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