Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday, Celebrate!

Just back from a whirlwind holiday that involved traveling 24 hours each way. But the aforementioned pampering was had, so it was totally worth it. In a week's time, I managed to:

-get three massages
-take the Mas out for 4 long spins on which her power could be experienced (a little)
-have a 3 hour hair appointment
-double the number of shoes I took with me
-eat 2 Christmas dinners
-drink about 6 bottles of champagne
-and sleep more than i have in the last few weeks.

Not bad for seven days.

And really, Christmas isn't Christmas without family. So I'm glad I flew for hours and hours. And all the presents didn't hurt either!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Revealer, Take 3

The Revealer published another piece I wrote -- yay! This time I took on Nicholas Kristof! But he really needed to be chastened.

And at least my busy-ness is resulting in tangible rewards!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The only way to describe my life at the moment. 24 hours are simply not enough. I've hardly had a moment to breathe deeply, forget being able to blog. Even this is merely a fleeting moment of semi-calm (I am, in fact, multi-tasking as I type).

Between chasing down landlords who cut off the heat when temperatures drop below freezing, attending evangelical church services for academic purposes, trying not to grossly neglect my little apartment while keeping up with social obligations, and working hard to impress at work while trying to line up even more work, I haven't had two minutes to myself where I wasn't thinking, "What do I have to do next?"

So, am really looking forward to Christmas. It's my favorite time of year -- it reminds me of home and being a little girl and all kinds of other warm fuzzy thoughts. I finally went past Rockefeller Center today (yes, I braved the thronging tourists) to peek at the tree and it's so big and breathtaking and got me even more into the spirit, corny as that sounds. But perhaps I'm most happy that I will actually be on a plane soon and with part of my family for the holidays. This poor little New York girl needs some old-fashioned pampering. And so does her blog, if it has any hope of survival.