Friday, January 26, 2007

An "arctic blast"

That's what the weather channel's been calling it. Temperatures are hitting all kinds of record lows. Right now, it's -14 degrees C (about 7 degrees F) thanks to the wind chill factor. Not pleased at all. Was all layered up today because I'd made lunch plans last week, before this "blast" was predicted. But I forgot my hat and in about 10 minutes I couldn't feel my ears. Makes you wonder about living in this part of the world.

After lunch, I went to the salon and the guy at the front desk asked me where I'd live if I had 10 million dollars. I told him, on some island somewhere where it's always warm. How about family and friends, he asked. Hey, I said, if I had 10 million dollars, I could fly them all out just on the interest.

Though, when I think about it more, with that kind of money, it doesn't really matter where you live because you can buy comfort and luxury 24/7 anywhere (almost).

Then again, a whole lot less than that keeps you pretty warm in your little apartment, as I am now. Which always makes me think about the homeless. I can't imagine it's a great situation at any point, but it's criminal in the winter. And I know just saying it seems futile, but it's a necessary thing to acknowledge. Because often we forget that, though million-less, we're still incredibly fortunate.


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