Monday, March 19, 2007

An "ahhh" weekend

What's an "ahhh weekend"? It's when you get to Sunday night and instead of pre-Monday blues, you've got the happy glow of 48 hours well spent. Satisfaction to the point where you almost don't mind that it's back to work tomorrow. Almost.

Friday: horrible sleet and pseudosnow and plunging temperatures outside. Ghar ka khana and Dhoom 2 inside. Quite enjoyed the action, the fact that Ash didn't annoy me that much, that Abhishek was in it (period.), and that Hrithik reminded me of a party a few weeks ago where I was told, "God, I thought you were Suzanne Khan for a minute." (not the first time)

Saturday: slept in. Scrambled eggs and cappucinos with an old, old friend I haven't seen in some 5-6 years. Caught up on everyone and everything -- as much as possible in one afternoon ("Remember the time *that girl* pretended to drown and we all nearly got expelled??"). Strolled down 5th Ave, listening to church bells chime, and without realizing it, walked about 40 blocks home. Then on to celebrate St. Patty's with a belated Holi party (!) with much bhangra and filmi music, much dancing and much color.

Sunday: slept in even more. Malaysian lunch with D and her sister at Nyonya (with memories of other recent trips we've made there with "other company"; we're going to start getting preferential treatment). Coffee and conversation. And The Namesake, which was very real, very moving. Thought Kal Penn proved he can do serious roles. Tabu was beautiful (and talented) as ever. Loved the scenes between her and Irrfan Khan. A movie can never quite do justice to a book, but I thought Mira Nair did a pretty good job, considering. Random surprise: childhood friend did the costumes. Then, on to Coldstone Creamery.

Yes, all good weekends end with chocolate.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Starfish said...

Sleeping in, ice-cream, alcohol, and yummy food always do it for me too. But having these four in New York seems so much more fun! Ok I want to come visit again...

At 10:31 PM, Blogger rhea said...

not just any ice-cream either, customized ice-cream: coffee ice-cream with hot fudge, oreos, brownies, and graham crackers crumbled in. how's that for decadent :)
and come, come, would love to have you here again! y'know, you were my first ever guest in NYC.. apt is much more put together a year and a half later!


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