Friday, March 02, 2007

End of an era

Okay, perhaps that's a tad dramatic. But my food & wine, activities and general good times partner in crime has left the city. So, I'm entitled to a little drama.

Rox's farewell dinner and drinks affair was... memorable. It was perhaps one of the worst meals and the worst excuse for service I've ever experienced in New York, but hey, we won't soon forget it! I think the best thing I can say about Tao is that it has a sexy, fun atmosphere. But that's where the compliments stop.

The enormous warehouse space was uncomfortably cold (hello, it is still winter, people. Turn on the heat). The food hovered somewhere between mediocre and poor (the miso sea bass was the exception). And our waiter was the antichrist. Apart from the fact that he was pretty clearly racist, there was just something incredibly disturbing about his demeanor, in general. He had vacant eyes, an inability to smile and absolutely no features that would explain why he was hired by the service industry. He hardly said a word the entire night and when he did, it bordered on rude and definitely condescending.

(Needless to say, they've lost a patron in me. I have very little patience for attitude.)

Still, as Rox said, we've rarely ever had uneventful New York experiences -- so this is one more to add to the books. Too bad it was unpleasant-eventful rather than just interesting-eventful on her last night in the City. On the other hand, it probably made leaving easier. And I'm sure new adventures in Hong Kong will make up for everything. So, cheers to that.

PS: I would post a photo of the last supper, but the antichrist was also an appalling photographer -- let's just say his efforts give "Where's Waldo?" a run for its money.


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